What Should I Wear This Weekend? Art Edition

I think that we can all agree that fashion is art. I personally admire the creative brainpower that designers must have in order to take an idea, put it on paper, and then translate that into a garment that will fit today's woman. Sometimes designers create a line with a certain woman in mind, and sometimes they are inspired by nature, architecture, or oftentimes: art. Let yourself be inspired this weekend by some of the art we are currently featuring at our boutique! Abol Bahadori created some beautiful pieces with various layers of pastels that truly lighten up our space (and my days here at Take 5!) 
If you would like to learn more about the Abol Bahadori's art, stop by the boutique (Suite 155 in Mosaic District, Fairfax, VA) or e-mail me at vashti.j@take5boutique.com